12335 Pembroke Rd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33025

BJJ General Information

General Etiquette

1. Arrive at least 10 minutes before class is due to start. If there is another class in session, be respectful and quiet. You may stretch at the back of the room.

2. Bow when you enter and leave the workout floor.

3. Call your coach by Professor & their first name.

4. Your Gi Support your academy by wearing START patches. Gis with patches from other Academies are not acceptable.

5. Ask questions at any time. It´s what helps you to learn and also gives the Professor and idea of what is being understood and what isn´t. We love questions!

6. You will not leave the mat without excusing yourself.

7. Keep your Gi clean and hygienic. If someone is tapping out from your two weeks of sweet on the Gi, that´s a bad sign.

8. Keep your fingernails clean and trimmed. We get tired of having to explain the fingernails marks down our chests to our wives and husbands.

9. Look after your partner and LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR!

10. Thank your partner after training with them.